Architect Brijesh Shaijal began his architectural practice in Manjeri, in 2005 – envisioning its growth into a practice that deviates from the norm and carves a niche in the industry. BSArchitects grew into a respectable firm, becoming trendsetters by retaining authentic heritage with modern lifestyle statements.

Beginning with mostly residential and commercial projects, the practice had in a decade, accumulated numerous projects and accolades in the industry.

In 2015, Brijesh stepped into the realm of urban design and started designing public projects – trying to fulfil the firm’s social responsibility by creating public spaces that inspire a sense of ownership among the people. BSArchitects then evolved into DAC, which is housed in Design Ashram, Gujarathi Street – a community space for like-minded people to bond share and brainstorm. Apart from DAC, Design Ashram includes a Peepal Tree courtyard, where numerous events take place around the year, a library and art gallery, a co-worker’s space as well as a backpacker’s hostel.
Brijesh set up Design Ashram with the aim of providing a platform for architects, designers and artists to bond, share, brainstorm and thus create innovations and collaborations that benefit society as a whole.

Taking his passion for travel to the next level, Brijesh set up World Architecture Travel, an exclusive travel enterprise providing architecturally curated tours to over 40 destinations globally. WAT has conducted several uber successful journeys to places, exploring the local rich culture, art and architecture while simultaneously providing architects and designers a platform for networking with the global architecture fraternity.

Brijesh has also been involved in CRI. The Clean Rivers Initiative aims to combat river pollution and raise awareness of the needs of rivers, highlighting the things we take for granted through water sports and events oriented around rivers.

Apart from the numerous awards and accolades to his name, Brijesh Shaijal also has been a vital part of the Indian Institute of Architects, holding Chairmanship and also an active member on the national board, coordinating events that provide platforms for networking and global connections within the architect fraternity.